VM Concept is pleased to feature the work of acclaimed French artist and sculptor Laetitia Bonnici. Bold, daring, molten, passionate, forceful, rapid, and energetic are descriptions that come to mind when describing the work of Laetitia Bonnici. Looking beyond all of the obviously fast brush strokes seen on the canvas, it is apparent that this is not abstract art. Most of her pieces are figurative, inspired by individuals in motion and engaging in an activity, such as dance, race, or an embrace. Her subject matter is diverse, from a desert scene to raging bulls. Within the rapid movement of the paint, she keeps her colors vibrant yet simple, which defines her calculated intent for simplicity in her suggestion of form. Laetitia’s magnificent work is museum, quality and would be at home in any style environment. Her work is sold all over the world and would be a grand focal point on the walls of your home or office and an heirloom that could be passed down through the generations. Laetitia Bonnici’s fine art pieces are available for acquisition from VM Concept. Please stop by out showroom for a viewing or contact us at 480-368-2702 or at for pricing and availability.    
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